Where others see vacancy, we see value

Turning Vacancies into Opportunities

We target the acquisition of existing buildings underperforming due to significant vacancy, deferred maintenance, and capital investment, or non-typical lease terms. We then provide a fresh capital stack allowing for much-needed capital expenditures, common area and amenity upgrades, and the ability to offer strong Tenant Improvement Allowances for prospective tenants.

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Steady Growth for the Long Term

We also utilize a second, research-driven, value-oriented approach to target high quality assets capable of meeting market demand for the extended term. These generational assets provide risk-adjusted returns acceptable both in short term repayment of capital, but also long-term appreciation; All the while utilizing real estate investment tools of depreciation and consistent paydown of debt.

  • This approach enables our team to create a diversified portfolio capable of generating profits with a long-term perspective and short-term benefits.

The Perfect Fit

  • Investment Type:

    Investment Type: Industrial, Office, Multi Family, and Mixed Use properties, including mostly vacant properties.

  • Transaction Size:

    $5,000,000 - $25,000,000

  • Location:

    State of Michigan. Honeycrisp is actively pursuing new locations for additional investments in secondary and tertiary markets.

If this sounds like you, we think you’d work well with us.